You don’t know what is waiting for mankind? Play the game and create your own future!

New World Order game – the game of future –

is a fast paced game with easy set-up and mechanics. It has plenty of strategy and players need to make good choices to win.

Game has a first class art-work which is captivating and gives a deeper meaning to the experience.

You will take the role of a billionaire and you purpose in the game is to collect different corporations and by collecting them gain Achievements and reach Big Goals. Which will change our future considerably. Get ready for groundbreaking events and creating a new future!

New World Order is for 2-5 players, starting from age 12. Gametime for 3-4 players is about an 60-75 minutes.

NWO boardgame
new world ordre
uus maailmakord lauamäng
NWO boardgame